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Given the current economic climate it is more crucial than ever to ensure that available resources are targeted using the best intelligence available. Even if you have had your funding cut, School Travel Facts could enable you to continue delivering a countywide service, providing all of your schools with high quality sustainable travel information, and enabling you to identify the best ways to focus your limited resources. By using School Travel Facts you could:

  • massively reduce the amount of time spent processing data and generating maps
  • raise the profile of school travel with detailed maps and reports for every school in your authority
  • have the intelligence you need to prioritise your efforts on schools where you can really make a difference
  • monitor and evaluate initiatives that have been introduced
  • effortlessly use a broad range of summary tables and charts to share your work with colleagues
  • work with a robust, consistent and professional set of reports that are far more comprehensive than could be created in-house
  • raise the profile of the contribution school travel makes to child health and the environment

Fringe benefits

All school travel facts products are based on information relating to pupils who meet the critera for NI198 - Children travelling to school mode of transport.

This ensures that resources are used optimally towards achieving this target. Whilst this is the main focus, you will find that the information provided will be of benefit to colleagues who are working towards other national indicators:

  • NI 167 - Congestion - average journey time per mile during the morning peak
  • NI 48 - Children killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents
  • NI 110 - Young people’s participation in positive activities
  • NI 55 - Obesity among primary school age children in Reception Year
  • NI 56 - Obesity among primary school age children in Year 6
  • NI 186 - Per capita CO2 emissions in the LA area





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